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City Dining rooms

The city or apartment dining room is a functional area in the home. In a city, you are most likely to have a busy life, so it may not be possible to spend a lot of time over meals. Eating your meals after a stressful day at work reuqires that your dining area be made to look as serene as possible. This ensures good digestion , resulting in a good night's sleep. This is essential for work life balance.

In order to achieve this result, you need to paint the walls of the dining room in a pale, warm shade of cream, beige or yellow. This will give the room a tranquil feeling. In case you do not have a seperate dining room but an open plan lounge and dining area as most apartments do, you need to ensure that the whole area is painted in the same colour. Otherwise, it will result in a clash of incompatible colours. However, you can mark out the dining area from the lounge by painting it in a darker shade.

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