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Interior Design


We now offer a bespoke interior design service for creating a stunning home for you. This service is guaranteed to give you the house of your dreams. A house that not only looks glamorous bit warm and friendly too. A house that is guaranteed to impress family and friends. A house to be proud of in years to come..

The work will be supervised by Dr. Srabani Datta herself.


 Email for a quote to


Home Styling


We offer a Home Styling service for   improvement of a tired looking room in your house, be it a bedroom, living or dining room. 

This service is ideal for a quick makeover and does not require any major changes to the structure of the room.


Prices start from £ 100.00 only



Email for a quote to

Home Makeover


We offer a Home Advice service to improve the general look of your home.

This is the best service for a complete makeover for your home. Confidential service available if you want to sell your home.


 Do not panic, you can get advice from an expert. 


Prices start from £ 500.00 only !


Email for a quote to

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